Medical Forefronts Management Solutions

The Management Solutions (MFMS) division of Medical Forefronts focuses on all things staffing---spanning  aspects of HR/payroll for facility staff, credentials verification for allied health practitioners, and through credentialing and privileging for physicians on the Medical Staff.  Partnering with MFMS allows an ASC to take control of two vital aspects of its operation: labor cost and liability exposure.

Medical Forefronts Management Solutions employs innovative workflows to efficiently manage workforce that must comply with today's complex healthcare regulations and even more complex labor laws.  Enterprise-class tools are used track employee competency, performance, and compensation, providing valuable insight into what is typically 25-30% of a ASC's profit and loss expense.

In addition to overseeing the personnel operations of an ASC, MFMS also offers services as a credentials verification organization (CVO), streamlining the paperwork process involved with physician on-boarding and the arduous task of maintaining credentials and privileges.